Family Activity Days

Here is a list of our Family Activity Days for the remainder of 2014.


We have added new topics (by request), created new formats for old topics, added more of the popular ones and are catering for a wider range of ages.

Pre-booking and pre-payment are essential – details on prices and how to book are at the end of the list.

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Tues 5 August Mandrakes, minibeasts, medicines & microscopes
10.30am-2.30pm (please note this is a full day)
This is a combination of our Creepy Crawling and Garden Safari workshops.
Wed 6 Aug Material world – textile art and natural dyes
Thur 7 August Pulp Fiction: Paper-making, Paper Stixx, Wonderful Wire & more
Tue 12 Aug Chocolate Tuesday
Wed 13 August Flight Club: an introduction to things that fly
Thurs 14 Aug The Lost Art of Nature Printing
Tues 19 Aug CSI Chelsea: a forensic biology workshop
Wed 20 Aug Garden Photography
Thurs 21 August Lotions & Potions – an introduction to herbal medicine
Tue 26 Aug A Passion for Plants- gardening for beginners
Wed 27 Aug Animation Station
Thurs 28 Aug Art Safari


Tue 28 Oct Chocolate Tuesday
Wed 29 Oct Lotions & Potions – an introduction to herbal medicine
Thur 30 Oct The Big Draw – Autumn art
Fri 31 Oct Creepy Crawling
10:30am-noon or 1pm-2:30pm

Children must be accompanied throughout the day/session by a paying adult.

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Mandrakes, minibeasts, medicines & microscopes

8 April & 5 August 


[This is a combination of our Creepy Crawling and Garden Safari workshops]

  • For half the day Vic Taylor from Mynewt Enterprises will introduce you to his marvellous menagerie and help you to discover the diverse world of animals including a hissing cockroach, giant millipede, corn snake, giant African snail and Mr. Jelly Belly the tree frog. Find out how they are suited to their environments and hold them (if you like).
  • For the other half of the day:
    Come and explore the hidden secrets of the Garden including the jungle room, medicinal, poisonous and vampire plants. You’ll have a chance to pond dip and see creatures that live in a drop of pond water.

8 April – Ages 7+ 

5 Aug - Ages 12+    BUY NOW

Lotions & Potions – an introduction to herbal medicine

9 April, 21 August & 29 October


Find out something of the history of medicine and the amazing power of plants. We will show you how to make some of your own ointments, syrups and scented bags to take away as well as your own mini medicinal garden.

9 April & 29 October – Ages 7+

21 August – Ages 12+ BUY NOW

Chocolate Tuesdays

15 April, 12 August & 28 October


Join us to look into the history, geography and science of chocolate and celebrate this very special substance. The day will include craft activities, a Garden tour, chocolate tasting and the chance to create your own mixtures to take away. With a tasting session with Rococo Chocolates staff.

Ages 7+ BUY NOW


Celebrating Bees: Poems of the Five Senses

10 April


A day to celebrate bees through poetry and art with Ken Cockburn and Alec Finlay. This day is perfect if you want to find out more about bees, see bees in action and develop your sensory awareness, artistic and poetry skills at the same time. There will be the chance for you to plant seeds of bee-friendly plants to take away with you and try some different honeys. A special exhibition of bee boles by artist Alec Finlay will be dotted around the Garden for you to find. See and for more information on Ken and Alec.

Ages 7+ BUY NOW


Garden Safari & Microscopic Marvels

16 April

10.30am-12pm & 1-2.30pm

If you enjoy discovering creatures, poisonous and insect-eating plants then this day is for you. A chance to explore the hidden secrets of the Garden including the jungle room and the creatures living in the pond.

There will be a chance to pond-dip and to use microscopes and magnifiers to observe familiar objects as well as creatures that live in a drop of pond water.

Ages 5+ BUY NOW


Celebrate Spectacular Seeds & Examine Exceptional Eggs

17 April


Since this is traditionally the time of year of new growth it seems appropriate to explore eggs and seeds.

  • In the morning: Discover amazing seeds from around the world, including the heaviest, lightest, best evolved and tastiest. Make some seed art, eat some nutritious ones and plant your own to grow at home.
  • In the afternoon: Find out about the world of eggs with staff from Eton College Natural History Museum who’ll bring along a diverse selection each with their own weird and wonderful stories attached

Ages 8+ BUY NOW

Young gardeners

A Passion for Plants- gardening for beginners

27 May & 26 August

10.30am-12pm & 1-2.30pm

Come along to learn some gardening tips from our staff. How to: grow and care for plants, take cuttings, plant seeds, use containers and more. There will be a selection of things for you take away with you to grow at home as well as ideas for original and thoughtful gifts.

Ages 5+ BUY NOW


natureprinting fads web

The Lost Art of Nature Printing

29 May & 14 Aug


Join designer and printmaker Pia Östlund for a one-day workshop exploring a wonderful way of depicting and discovering plants, which was developed by doctors and botanists over 500 years ago. Take a tour of the Garden to discover some useful and healing plants, then make your own herbal book by printing with fresh plants and oil-based inks. The day includes the rare opportunity to view some exquisite nature printed books from the Garden’s collection.

Ages 10+ BUY NOW

An introduction to the magical world of honeybees: Merging art and science

30 May


A day of engaging art activities where you will have the chance to observe honeybees up close and begin to understand their importance and how we can aid future wellbeing. Working with Textile Artist Amy Pliszka (whose work focuses on the conservation of bees in the urban environment). You’ll have the opportunity to work with clay modelling, beeswax, as well as make your own decorated seed packet. You will be observing and identifying types of bee in the Garden, engaging with the importance of pollen variety and which flowers are most essential and learning how to plant seeds. Our very existence is inextricably linked to that of the bee. No bees mean our natural pollination of food, pharmaceutical and textile crops is severely endangered….You’ll also have the chance to see Amy’s exhibition of exquisite bee hive sculptures and drinking bowls which will be displayed around the Garden as part of the Chelsea Fringe Festival (17 may – 8 June 2014) see for more about Amy’s work.

Ages 7+ BUY NOW

Material world – textile art and natural dyes

6 August


Join us for a day to find out about the past, present and future of textiles and dyes – see the plants we rely on for our clothes, work with textile artist Lara Hailey to make your own beautiful and unique cloth creations, try some natural dyeing and plant your own mini textile garden to take home. See for more about Lara.

Ages 12+ BUY NOW


Paper Stixx & Wonderful Wire Sculptures

Pulp Fiction: Paper-making, Paper Stixx, Wonderful Wire & more

7 August


We welcome the return of this popular activity run by artist, inventor and designer Darcy Turner. A great opportunity to have a go at making wonderful sculptures to take home, discover hidden talents and see paper, metal and wire in new ways. See Also, there’ll be the chance to learn how to make your own paper with innovative environmental educators ecoACTIVE, bring some old newspapers with you.

Ages 6+ BUY NOW

Flight Club: an introduction to things that fly

13 August


From pollen, seeds and insects to birds and humans- learn about the science and history of flight. We will be showing you how to make your own flying seeds, kites and paper aeroplanes. The day will also include close-up observation of the Garden’s flying insects. We’ll be joined by aviator Shahid Banglawala who will talk about his career in flying for the film industry and will demonstrate some remote flying machines

Ages 8+ BUY NOW


pond dipping

CSI Chelsea: a forensic Biology workshop

19 August


Spend a day solving a crime and discover some handy tips from nature. This day is perfect for young scientists who are looking for practical scientific experience. We will also be joined by a professional forensic entomologist who will explain how clues from nature can solve real crimes.

Ages 9+ BUY NOW

Garden Photography

20 August


Bring your camera or phone along to capture the Garden in striking and unusual ways. Advice on lighting, composition texture and form will be provided as well as some top tips on photographing wildlife. There’ll also be the chance to have some of your pictures displayed on our online gallery.

Ages 12+ BUY NOW

Animation Station

27 August

10.30 – 3pm

In this animation workshop (with professional film-maker Emma Sullivan) you’ll be taking inspiration for your characters and story from the Garden itself, the plants & animals that live there. How do they survive? What dramas happen daily in the Garden that could inspire our own fantastical tale? Superhero slugs? Cannibal plants? It’s up to you. Make your own character and bring it to life in an animation.Emma is a film-maker who works as a drama director for the BBC, a writer and a teacher. She teaches film-making for the BFI, including international projects with the Cinémathèque Française; London Film Festival; Lambeth CLC; The Globe Theatre; ENO and BAFTA.

Ages 12+ BUY NOW

Art Safari

28 August


Come with us on a journey around the world to see vampire plants, spiky cacti, medicines, worms, tadpoles, birds, vegetables, perfumes, seeds and ferns. After you have found out about them, professional artist Mia Gubbay will help you to capture them in art form using all kinds of media such as ink, pastels, paints, pencils, charcoal and even soil. Perfect for an artistic naturalist.

Ages 7+ BUY NOW

Big draw

The Big Draw

30 October


Come along to create art and craft inspired by the Garden. Try out printing, painting, sketching, collage and model making using natural and recycled materials – in and around the GardenHelp will be on hand to develop your observational skills and drawing techniques in the inspiring setting of the Garden. This is part of The Big Draw festival which runs throughout October, involving over a thousand organisations across the UK and twenty other countries and offering events for every age and level of experience.Please bring an empty shoe box with you.

Ages 6+ BUY NOW


Creepy Crawling

Fri 31 October 

10:30am-noon or 1pm-2:30pm

Discover the diverse world of animals with Vic Taylor from Mynewt Enterprises who will show his marvellous menagerie including a hissing cockroach, giant millipede, corn snake, giant African snail and Mr. Jelly Belly the tree frog. Find out how they are suited to their environments and hold them (if you like).

Ages 4+ BUY NOW

    • Children: £6.60 half-day, £8.60 full-day
    • Adults: £9.90 half-day, £11.90 full-day
      This includes entry to the Garden
    • Children must be accompanied by a paying adult
  • LUNCH: 12.00-12.45 (on the full days), Please bring a packed lunch and an adult. The Garden’s Café will be open from 11am on Tuesdays – Fridays, 1 April – 31 October 2014.
  • BOOKING: Online booking here.
    or contact us by phone 020 7349 6453 or email
  • AGE RANGES: The ages mentioned in these listings are guidelines and we will aim to cater to your individual requirements for each event.

To be put on our e-mailing list for future events, please contact the Education Department on 020 7349 6453 or

Children must be accompanied throughout the day by a paying adult.

New Garden of Medicinal Plants takes shape – opened April 2014
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