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Chelsea Physic Garden is happy to welcome media, film and photography teams to use the Garden. Fees are negotiated depending on the Garden’s exposure; entirely commercial work can also be accommodated.  For all requests we advise a recee to visit the Garden and discuss requirements.

Please note:

  • the Garden is fully open to the public during the summer from April 1 to October 31, Tuesday – Friday and Sunday from 11am until 6pm
  • we are happy for you to work in the Garden during public opening hours, we do ask that you carry out your work in a discreet way, so as not to disturb our guests
  • if you require sole use of a large part of the Garden, we would suggest that it is more practical to arrange to come in the morning.

(full guidelines can be found on the filming and photoshoot request form below)

For filming and photoshoot requests please complete this form and return it to Alternatively call 020 7349 6472.

Please contact the Marketing Department to request images from our photo library.

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