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press01press02Chelsea Physic Garden is a beautiful site in the middle of London, with an extraordinary array of plants from around the world. It has been used countless times by the press, for a range of productions such as photo shoots for Hello Magazine and filming for BBC Politics Show. The main lawn is surrounded by a plethora of beds, features and hidden corners, making it an ideal location for many projects looking for a natural back-drop. Providing a tranquil rest from the pace of city life, it is easy to forget that London continues to bustle on the other side of the walls!

We are very happy to welcome media, film and photography teams that intend to represent the Garden, its work and its history. Commercial work can also be accommodated, subject to terms and conditions. If you wish to work in the Garden, it would be advisable to come for a (non-chargeable) pre-visit in order to see the grounds and access. Whilst we do not charge for media activity when the work is deemed to be beneficial to the Garden, there is an hourly rate for commercial use of the site. If you have a large amount of equipment, we can also tailor your package to include the use of the Gallery for storage and for use as dressing room, although unfortunately no vehicles can enter the Garden.

Please note that the Garden is fully open to the public  during the summer from April 1 to October 31, Tuesday – Friday and Sunday from 11:00 until 18:00 Whilst we are happy for you to work in the Garden during public opening hours, we do ask that you carry out your work in a discreet way, so as not to disturb our guests. If you require sole use of a large part of the Garden, we would suggest that it is more practical to arrange to come in the morning.

Please contact Lynn Scrivener, Marketing Manager, to arrange your visit and/or to request images from our photo library:; tel. 0207 3496472.

New Garden of Medicinal Plants takes shape – opened April 2014
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