Thursday Supper Talks

The Garden’s lecture series, Thursday Supper Talks, will feature a range of fascinating and intriguing speakers while also offering the  opportunity to enjoy a supper at the Tangerine Dream Café before or after each talk.

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Thursday Supper Talks Programme 2017:*

 6 April
‘Spinsters, Hecklers and Lingerie’ – with Kate Poland and Zoe Burt
 Do you know where the words ‘heckler’, ‘spinster’ and ‘lingerie’ come from? Discover their origins and much more in this interactive talk exploring the social history of flax, an incredible fabric we rely on throughout our lives for its medicinal qualities as well as for the clothes we wear.
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More Supper talks will be added soon and will take place in June, July, October-December.
Confirmed speakers include Matthew Wilson, James Wong and Jekka McVicar.

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