The Garden of Edible and Useful Plants

The Garden of Edible and Useful Plants was established in 2012 and displays an extraordinary range of plant species on which humanity depends; from forest fruits and land restoration plants to plants used for hygiene, science and the arts. The garden showcases a diverse collection of productive and functional plants, incorporating both the beautiful and bizarre.

The design, which features a series of interlinked spaces, is inspired by 18th century potagers and Chelsea Physic Garden’s historic layout. Raised beds house the plant displays and their explanatory information panels, while other areas are dedicated to teaching and secluded seating spaces.

worldofmedicine2Exciting new features include a compact vineyard, a living plant amphitheatre and a stone pier to view Robert Fortune’s tank pond. The garden is bound together with traditional clay paving bricks and green oak arches which lead visitors through the plantings.

The new garden aims to bring people closer to the plants which are inextricably woven into our everyday lives.